Monday, July 14, 2008

Three River's Festival

The Three River's Festival is Fort Wayne's big summer festival. It lasts for 8 days and provides a prime opportunity for people-watching and fried-food gluttony, and of course, midway rides and games. It's kind of like a county fair without the livestock. I've posted some pictures and video from our visit on Sunday...

Bella and the Dragon Ride
Bella and the Daddy Ride

Bella O'nassis

Logan with Anonymous Passenger

Logan and Anonymous Passenger Part 2

Our favorite part of the festival is definitely the 'Chalk Walk'. Anybody can sign up, first-come, first serve, for a 4' X 4' or 8' X 8' square which they can chalk (pastel) however they please.
I was actually signed up for one this year, but had to bow at at the last minute to attend a funeral. I've posted some of our favorites...

Graphix Bella
I'm a Butterfly

A Lady Who REALLY Likes Monopoloy

Kung Fu Logan
Best In Show IMHO -R.I.P. Bob Ross

Logan's Favorite Ride

Bella's Favorite Ride