Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Starved Rock State Park

Once or twice a year my parents meet us roughly half way between our respective homes in Iowa and Indiana. That place is Starved Rock State Park in Uttica, Illinois.
Please scroll down to see some snapshots from our trip there last weekend...

Can you find Laura and Logan?
Can you find Logan?(hint:click on picture)

Bottom of the ravine

Father and son on a rock

Mini Golf
Techno Bella

Lookin at you sideways

Beautiful Laura

Cajun Ron and his kitchen crew doing what they do best. Besides the fact that Uttica, Illinois is roughly halfway between my parents and ourselves, the real reason we go there is the Cajun Connection cajun restaurant. This is the real deal folks. The restaurant is built inside of an old farmhouse. It is slightly surreal eating there primarily because of the location . One doesn't really expect to find an authentic cajun restaurant in the middle of an Illinois cornfield. The food is incredible and the atmosphere is 100% Louisiana.